The idea
ILMYO was established in 2019 with the goal of creating an innovative printer capable of customizing cult objects such as Clipper lighters, without minimum order restrictions. This goal represents a complex challenge from both a research and development and financial perspective. Initially, we focus on creating a process for personalizing Clippers by applying stickers.


In a short time, we get a valid confirmation from the market, registering a significant increase in production and also opening up to the B2B sector.
February 2
420 Merchandising

Through our contact with various entities in the 420 industry, we are able to expand our wide range of products and adopt the most advanced printing technologies available. These collaborations allow us to also offer our B2C customers an ever-widening selection of high-quality products and to constantly improve our production processes.

Full Direct Printing

In 2020, after an intensive research and development process, the first direct-printing printer was introduced on the Clipper body. This remarkable milestone enabled more efficient production and higher quality. At the same time, the company has experienced significant growth, including investing in the customization of other products.

Realtime printing

Since 2021, we have been actively participating as exhibitors in 420 industry events, including Spannabis in Barcelona, MaryJane in Berlin, and Canapa Mundi in Rome. These participations represent an extraordinary opportunity for us, not only to present our products to an international audience, but also to experiment and optimize our processes.

In particular, during these events, we offer visitors the unique opportunity to purchase customized Clipper lighters in real time. This live demonstration not only allows customers to appreciate the high quality and attention to detail that characterize our products.

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