Glass Ashtray - 85mm

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Want to give your ashtray a distinctive touch?

Customize it with the images you prefer! Thanks to our configurator, you can insert phrases, emoji, images or logos. You will be able to view a 3D preview of your personalized ashtray.

Make your environment unique with an ashtray that fits your style perfectly. Ideal for clubs, bars and restaurants, the custom ashtray will be a classy and characterful addition to your space.

The product is made by a special technique of direct printing at very high resolution.
Printing is done directly on the surface of the object.

Key features are:

  • 1200dpi resolution
  • Very high resistance to abrasion
  • Bright colors

The price varies according to the number of products of the same type in the cart. Just add products of the same type (they can also have different graphics, the important thing is the number of items) to automatically activate the discount. The discount scale, with its prices for different quantities, is shown below the product name.

Here is an example with CLIPPERs:

For large quantity orders please contact us privately. We will send you our reseller price list. You will be able to find variable prices depending on the quantity purchased and many other products not yet on our website .

Create your own personalized product line with us 💎

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We can make prints with special effects (touch embossing, glossy/matte effect, etc.)
Special effects are NOT available on our website.

The only way to purchase products printed with special effects, is to contact our sales manager, he will guide you through the purchase and help you create the perfect products for YOU!

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Some of our achievements

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